New items loaded on website


WiAutomation has loaded new items and new brands on its website:

Emerson: WiAutomation offers a wide range of Emerson industrial automation parts, that helps achieve maximum business performance through the industry’s broadest portfolio of technologies to measure, control, optimize and enhance their operations. A large catalog of reliable, easy-to-use and innovative products;

Fuji Electric: Fuji Electric industrial automation parts offers global solutions for industrial automation systems and supports all production processes;

HoneywellWiAutomation offers a wide range of Honeywell industrial automation parts that process Solutions (HPS) helps industrial customers around the world through its products to operate in secure, reliable, efficient, sustainable and more profitable facilities. Honeywell offers state-of-the-art technologies, allowing plants to ensure more productive and stable operations;

IndramatWiAutomation offers a wide range of Indramat industrial automation parts that  is a manufacturer of industrial automation products, a leading manufacturer of high quality servo drives and motion control systems that enable flexible machine operation;

Klockner Moeller: WiAutomation offers a wide range of Klockner Moeller industrial automation parts that is a manufacturer of world-class industrial and electronic control systems and electrical systems. Klockner-Moeller has earned a worldwide reputation for high-quality engineering and environmentally sensitive production of engineering components and assemblies. It provides automatic circuit breakers, motor control components, programmable logic controllers (PLCs) and many other products;

Moore: WiAutomation offers a wide range of Moore industrial automation parts;

SEWWiAutomation offers a wide range of Sew Eurodrive industrial automation parts that is a world leader in the production of products and systems for industrial automation, process and logistics since 1931.

Siemens S5: SIMATIC S5 is the automation system that has been tested for many years with excellent results, offering a wide range of programmable controllers, intelligent peripherals, software solutions and much more;

Texas InstrumentsWiAutomation offers a wide range of Texas Instruments industrial automation parts that holds a strategic commitment in the industrial automation sector by providing a portfolio of complete and reliable solutions, from robust microcontrollers to ARM-based microprocessors, it also offers a wide range of analog integrated circuits in power management, data converters, interfaces, transceivers wireless, amplifiers and industrial drivers;

YaskawaWiAutomation offers a wide range of Yaskawa industrial automation parts that is the world’s largest manufacturer of frequency converters and motion control products, including adjustable frequency drives, servo amplifiers, servo motors and machine controllers;

Control TechniquesWiAutomation offers a wide range of Control Techniques industrial automation parts that is  specializes in the supply of drives to control engines and energy conversion technologies used in industry, trade and renewable energy schemes;

SickWiAutomation offers a wide range of Sick industrial automation parts that is a manufacturer of sensors and solutions for industrial applications. The company is active in the fields of industrial automation and process automation.

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Modicon Schneider – Electric


modicon-partsSchneider Electric is leading the Digital Transformation of Energy Management and Automation in Homes, Buildings, Data Centers, Infrastructure and Industries; this brand is also a leading company in the design and manufacturing of industrial automation and control solutions.

Established more than 90 years ago, Telemecanique Sensors is a brand specializing in the design and manufacturing of industrial automation and security sensors.

WiAutomation offers a wide range of Schneider Electric – Telemecanique industrial automation parts.

The most important categories of the Schneider – Electric are:

  • Modicon Quantum = The Modicon Quantum series Schneider Electric PLCs are ideal for process control and high availability solutions;
  • Modicon HMI = Schneider Electric Modicon HMI (OPERATOR PANELS AND INDUSTRIAL PCs);
  • Modicon Compact = Schneider Electric Modicon Compact Series;
  • Modicon M340 = Schneider Electric Programmable Controllers Modicon M340;
  • Modicon Micro = Compact and modular Schneider Electric PLC Modicon TSX Micro for OEM and Infrastructure Equipment Manufacturers, with a maximum of 484 I / O;
  • Modicon Premium = Schneider Electric Modicon Premium PLCS for discrete or process and high availability solutions;
  • Modicon Software = Schneider Electric Modicon PLC PROGRAMMING SOFTWARE;
  • Modicon 984 = Schneider Electric Modicon 984 Programmable Controller.

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Siemens Sinamics


With its SINAMICS series, Siemens offers for each drive application innovative frequency converters. A complete range of products ranging from basic drives and dynamic servo drives for motion control to medium-voltage drives – including customized solutions.

SIEMENS SINAMICS, the largest family of drives in the world.

SINAMICS V has been specially designed for applications that do not require specific technological knowledge. SINAMICS V devices essentially focus on hardware and functionality. They have superior robustness with reduced investment costs for the user. The operation is performed directly on the converter, without requiring additional design tools.

SINAMICS G converters demonstrate their extraordinary technological functionality in industrial applications. They ensure a power range from 0.12 kW to 2700 kW. Use a standardized and simplified operating concept that minimizes training and service interventions. SINAMICS G is unsurpassed from an economic point of view.

The converters SINAMICS S are designed for complex applications in mechanical and plant engineering as well as for a broad range of motion control tasks. They ensure a power range from 0.12 kW to 5700 kW, with products available in a variety of designs and sizes. All versions share an absolutely uniform engineering that is a distinctive feature.

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Siemens RFID System


Siemens RFID systems open up new possibilities by making your entire production and supply chain visible. You can monitor your material flows at all times.

You know exactly what is where and when, you can plan efficiently, and you can modulate your processes precisely.

With SIMATIC RF1000 from Siemens, the customer has an RFID-based solution for easy and flexible access control of machinery and equipment.

Compact but powerful, with its perfect price-performance ratio, features a cost-effective HF reader for the medium range. It’s great for intralogistics or small assembly lines.

Flexible and powerful with high-performance RFID systems in the HF range for reliably controlling production and material flows – scalable, maintenance-free and robust.

UHF at the highest level. A cutting edge with completely reliable, easy to use technology. SIMATIC RF600 fits seamlessly into your automation and IT landscape and simplifies planning.

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Siemens Simatic


SIMATIC systems are based on different hardware and software architectures.

The most important categories of the Simatic series are:

Siemens HMI includes products designed for the simplest on-board supervision task to the most complex SCADA system with decentralized architecture for plant monitoring, a series of  ad-hoc software options for efficiency from the calculation of OEE (Overall Equipment Effectiveness) to control and analysis of energy consumption.

Siemens S5 an automation system that has been tested for many years with excellent results, offering a wide range of programmable controllers, intelligent peripherals, software solutions and much more.

Simens S7  is subdivided into subcategories:

  • S7-200 stands for a reliable, fast and flexible controller in the micro automation area with a broad scale of modules;
  • S7-300 saves on installation space and features a modular design. A wide range of modules can be used to expand the system centrally or to create decentralized structures according to the task at hand, and facilitates a cost-effective stock of spare parts. SIMATIC is known for continuity and quality;
  • S7-400, process controller ideal for larger tasks such as the coordination of entire systems;
  • S7-1200 Basic Controllers are an ideal choice when it comes to flexibly and efficiently performing automation tasks in the lower to medium performance range. They feature a comprehensive range of technological functions and integrated IOs as well as an especially compact and space-saving design. Thanks to extensive expansion options, SIMATIC S7-1200 can be perfectly tailored to the specific automation task. The integrated PROFINET interface ensures that additional automation components and the TIA Portal engineering framework work perfectly together. The modular board concept makes it easy to expand the controller without changing the physical size.
  • S7-1500 Advanced Controllers convince with their ultimate power that provides maximum performance for medium-sized to high-end machines with high demands on performance, communication, flexibility, and technology functions.

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WiAutomation is world leader in the sale of spare parts for industrial automation with proven experience within the industry and thousands of satisfied customers all over the world.

Machines break and downtime can cost companies millions in lost revenue.

WiAutomation has been helping customers over the years to quickly solve the issues of failures that cause downtime with quality products.

It has over 130 brands, with the ability to find any required replacement, obsolete, new or refurbished, a worldwide suppliers network, the lowest prices on the market and DHL worldwide delievery express courier service.

WiAutomation also offers personalized discounts and a multi-lingual team which will follow the customer to offer always the best solution.

Many companies and individuals have already decided to become WiA partner.